Battery contact sensor

Hello, I have a problem with the battery of the contact sensor, I installed it 2 weeks ago and yesterday in the application it indicates low battery. It seems strange to me since the duration of the battery should be 12 months and in this case it does not comply with what they offer.

That does seem a bit odd for a battery to be low so quickly per se… (Temperature fluctuations plays a big role in the life of the battery as well…)

But I do believe that the couple of current firmware that came out reads and reports the low voltage data and then sends you a notification… However, because it doesn’t indicate on the app exactly what that voltage is that it is currently, the only way you will know if the voltage is low is if you were to use a meter and measure the volts from the battery that you had in the wyze contact sensor …

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Watch the senor red LED for a bit, does it blink fast 3 times ?
The Wyze factory batteries are known to be of poor quality.
Many have come out of box near dead or dead even !

If you have another extra senor I’d use the battery from that until you can get a name brand ones like Duracell.

Change it right away they been known to brick the senor if they go complete dead !

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