Battery Cam Pro Spotlight Settings

This camera has been out a while now and Wyze still has not fixed the last sentence in the first paragraph of the Spotlight Settings. Where is their quality control?

@WyzeLi could you take a look at this? Seems like a simple copy fix.

This is what I see (beta version v2.48.0 (b376)

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I’m not on the beta.

FYI, He wasn’t talking to you and didn’t tag you, he tagged WyzeLi and asked WyzeLi to take a look at what you posted to see if they can figure out why it’s happening to you.

I’m not sure why your app does that. Mine looks more like what ColoradoFrench posted.

What phone model are you using? Even when I increase the Font size and Display size to the maximum in my Pixel 7 Pro, it wraps the wording onto a 4th line. I wonder why it isn’t doing that for you and I wonder if I can replicate the problem somehow.

I am also on the beta Release Candidate, so maybe it is something that will just be fixed for you in the next update since it looks fine to those of us on that one.

Yeah, I just caught it that he wasn’t talking to me. I’m using an iPhone 13 Mini. But I’m thinking it’s because I’m not on the beta, as it has been like this since the Battery Cam Pro was released.

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We’ll have to have you check again when the new app version launches then, just to make sure. Hopefully it’s fixed now, if now, maybe we can figure out what the difference is. I do have an iPhone 6s, but I rarely pull it out unless I need to test something, but I’m sure we can have people with newer iOS versions try to replicate it too.

Just got 2.48.0 (6) of the Wyze app yesterday for my iPhone and still have the same issue.