Battery Cam Pro battery depleted 90% in 24 hours

I just received and installed a Battery Cam Pro with a fully-charged battery. Using default settings and power saving enabled, the battery was down to 10% after one day. Are there other settings that I need to tweak to extend the battery life? How in the heck does one get the battery to last anywhere near the 6 to 12 months that Wyze claims?

Make sure the Detection Sensitivity is 5 or lower. If you have it set to 6, then it will only use PIR, so any heat changes can cause events and drain the battery. At 5 or lower it will use both PIR and Radar, so now it won’t waste the battery unless there is both a heat change and a radar movement at the same time, which makes it more likely to be a large moving thing like a person or pet. In some cases, vehicles can trigger this though, so if you are pointing it near a road, then passing cars might be draining your battery. Maybe also try to limit pointing it at large trees.

You can also play around a bit with the detection distance and see if that helps.

Setting up a detection zone can help reduce wasted recording time for areas that don’t matter as much.

Lastly, consider setting a cooldown timer and recording length limit if your battery is draining really fast.

Since you are using a lot of battery, also consider getting a solar panel to connect up to it since you are apparently using it in a high-traffic location.


You should actually set everything to minimum and make sure the battery is not defective too. Check the battery after 24 hours and calculate how long it should last. If its still really low then it may be defective.

Obviously, if there’s a ton happening constantly and that’s all the battery can handle and that’s why then the battery idea is not great :slight_smile:

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