Basic Features request in next Firmware update?


I’m an international Wyze fan, clearly outside US.

Is it possible to have an option to switch to metric and Celsius?

Also when setting up it asks for an US Address no matter what, besides there’s no way to select an international address there’s also no option to bypass it so the Forecast will be always wrong.

When setting up a zone it looks like 1 zone= 1 Spray head. In my case in some zones i have multiple and different type of spray heads.

I have a Weatherflow Tempest weatherstation connected to my smart home, is there any way to pick up their API to have a better and more locally info about the weather?

Thanks in advance!


PS. in Firmware Update when checking out “Whats New” theres nothing in V1.01.

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Hi, anyone from Wyze Labs that can comment about this?