Wyze Sprinkler - wrong time zone

I live in Arizona (MST) but the Wyze Sprinkler reports in Pacific Standard Time. How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

did u set your location in setting? Where are u seeing the time zone?

Hi Ken. Thank your for the prompt reply.

Yes, I set my location; however, that only seems to influence the weather report.

I’m not seeing a time zone listed but event logs and schedules are 1 hour behind local time. For example, if I manually start a quick run at 8pm and let it run for 5 minutes, the event log shows it finished at 7:05pm. Scheduled starts for 1am actually start at 2am.

I suspect the unit is getting time zone based on WAN IP. Whatismyip.com shows my ISP public address in California not Arizona. I’ll validate my assumption later by enabling a VPN on my router and connect through a server on the east coast.

For what it’s worth, I have several Wyze cameras and none of them are an hour off.

I’m not sure how the time zone is set, I tested and mine has the correct time zone. You should submit a log.

I am at a loss. I set up a VPN to route all traffic through Miami and verified it was working from my PC. I then removed the sprinkler from the app, reset it, and added it back. Despite routing traffic through Miami, the device is still one hour behind local time.

I submitted a log.

I believe @mike.s was the PM for the sprinkler, maybe he can help.

I’ll tag @WyzeGwendolyn too

Same problem here, just installed the controller in TX and schedule kicks off based on PST. Where can we adjust the controller’s time zone?

Same issue here. Where do I set the correct timezone/ or simply manual time change would be very appreciated.