Option to change temperatures to Celsius

I’m in Canada where we’re looking forward to the soon-to-be-opened Wyze store here!

Bought a sprinkler controller via other means from the US store, and set it up without much issue. However, there doesn’t seem to be an option for switching temperature from Farenheit to Celsius for us metric folk. Given Wyze will be opening a store in Canada soon, figure this will become more of a problem for others going forward


I’m in Chile and we use celsius.


Same, bought one from Amazon.com shipped to Canada, realizing all weather and temp settings are in F. Need in C!



I install this in Mexico and I really appreciate to have the international metric system!!!

+1 sending back Watch and Thermostat.

+1 Please deploy unit selection (C/F — m/ft) soon;

OK I found the setting to change Thermostat to Celsius, it is what the rest of the world uses. now we need the watch to do it to.


Where did you find the option to change to to Celsius? I can’t find it anywhere

Press the Gear, Advanced/Temperature Units Change to C

Don’t see Advanced anywhere, here’s my settings screen. Are you on the beta app by chance?

I only have the thermostat and the watch 47c. the thermostat can be changed the Watch cannot be change at this point.

If qyou are selling the sprinkler ANYWHERE outside of the USA, it is going to need Celsius and other metric values. It can’t be hard, it’s just math.

I bought this product on the Canadian website so I’m pretty disappointed that you don’t support celsius at present, Please develop that option on the app as soon as possible.

Can you make it show both for families that use both? Also to teach the USA to get off the silly Fahrenheit.
Please vote here: Petition · Request for weather apps to show both Celsius/Farenheit for USA to join the world standard · Change.org

Request for weather apps to show both Celsius/Fahrenheit for USA to join the world standard

I agree when most of the world uses Celsius you think it would be a easy fix on the app. Hope they do it soon .