Add Celsius setting to Climate Sensor

Can’t believe I’m even having ask, but can you add a Celsius setting to the Climate Sensor.

MOD NOTE: This has been implemented in app version 2.30.0

Same here @WyzeTeam

I can’t believe there’s no way to select Celsius

Just wanted to follow up and report that you can set Celsius in the Home Monitoring Hub.

Click on the Climate sensor in Environment and on the top right, click on Celsius.

Setting Celsius in Monitoring > Environment More affects only temps on the HMS consolidated Environment display.

This Wishlist request seeks to add a Celsius/Fahrenheit setting at the individual sensor-level located at Home > Climate Sensor > Settings. This setting affects temp displayed on Home page for Climate Sensor, temp on Home > Climate Sensor page and in all graph data located at Home > Climate Sensor > Graphs (graph icon upper right).

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Also came here looking for Celsius…

This is done recently, they have Celsius now !