Base Station stuck at flashing blue light

I have a base station that I setup not quite a year ago that has 1 outdoor camera attached to it. Over the weekend the blue started flashing, which this one has not done. I do have another base station with 4 cameras on it, and it does this about once a month, and I just power cycle it and that gets it back going. Both connect via WIFI. For this base station, I tried restarting it and that did not resolve it. I tried connecting it to the network with two different cables, with a restart each time, and still not connecting. I tried doing the soft-reset procedure, and the light just continues to flash blue, never turning solid yellow. The other base station, and the cameras attached, are working as normal, and other devices on the network are connecting properly. What are my next steps? Thanks!

I had the same issue with my V1 and V2 battery cameras and I disconnected them for about a month and contacted the company they sent me a new base station I hooked it up it worked for about 10 minutes and that was it so I got the old base station out turned it on everything connected it’s been working for 6 months I don’t have an answer but that’s my story