Base station signal is weak, any ideas to strengthen it?

Are there any ideas on how to increase the range that the outdoor cams can send data from… I bought 4 cameras on the one base station and I have to put them so very close to the base station (50-60’ thru only one glass door) that it makes it hard to take advantage of the cams around my home as you can’t place them at a decent distance from the base station.

tips/tricks/hacks to extend this range?

I have not had that issue. I have a camera set up about 100 yards from my base station which sits in my cabin that has a metal roof. Maybe i got lucky. Although i haven’t tried setting up a camera in the rear of the property yet.

Multiple base stations. You can get ethernet to a remote base station via a wifi extender.

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That’s a good question. I am looking at my Wi-Fi extender and it has a ethernet port. I think if i plug the base station into the extender i don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

That is how mine is set up I ran the ethernet line into my extender and it works fine


I had signal strength issues due to the house material and location of the Outdoor cameras mounted.
So I have to use multiple base station to keep the signal strength up. But instead of wiring ethernet cables to my wifi router. I used my old Apple Airport Express. It has an ethernet port which I connected the base station. Configure the Airport Express to existing network on 5GHz wifi. Now the base station is wireless. I’ve tested this and didn’t find and video delays.
You can use any portable/travel wifi router device to do this.

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what Wi-Fi extender with ethernet port are you using?? thanks in advance
my range is only 20 ft from the base and the minute i step out of the house to test the camera the signal drops from 3 pars to 1 and the connections fails.
I hope wyze fixed their base problems

Search Amazon on “travel router with ethernet”
I used old Apple Airport Express from my old network.
Is your base station near any soft absorbent material?
Since the base station is using 2.4GHz, it has a hard time penetrating through absorbent material.

I have the base in the hall about 20 ft away from the front door. I can barely get a signal on the porch. and the minute I move 8 FT away from the porch, where i like to install, no way . I don’t think I’m even 3o ft from the base and 3 walls.

To overcome my signal strength issue. I had to installed multiple base stations. Each base station is hosting to two cameras within 30 feet away.
If the base station and camera are in direct line of sight and nothing in between. You can get full strength.

so you use the Wi-Fi extenders with ethernet port to connect each base ??? Not a direct to router, since you will need wires running all over.?

The Ethernet limit is 100ft and I didn’t want to wire my house.
So I connect the base station to the Airport Express via ethernet cable.
Configured the Airport Express to join the existing network which connects the base station to the router via Wi-Fi at 5Ghz.
Each Airport Express is about 25ft away from the WI-Fi router.
I currently have three base stations setup to provide the best connection for the cameras.
These base stations and cameras do not operate on high db. If it did, the battery duration of the camera will be short.
The base station is just a wire Wi-Fi extension for the camera.

Wyze will need to address these signal strength issues. But I think they may have looked into this already.
Either increase the signal db of the camera and sacrifice the battery duration or design a more powerful base station.

By adding the Airport Express, I provided a stronger wireless connection for the camera system.

Am using an old wn3000rp universal WiFi range extender. Plug the base station ethernet cable into the extender ethernet outlet and things just work. Just make sure your range extender is on the same wifi network.

Hi @balison28,

Quick correction. I think you may have meant m instead of ft here.

A single run of Ethernet cable is designed to work over a maximum distance of 100 meters, or 328 feet. Beyond 100 meters, the signal will begin to weaken and possibly reduce the overall speed and reliability of the network connection.


Hi @cmoust,

Here are my two cents on range extenders. They are great in a pinch, but have some huge disadvantages.

Keep in my that each time you extend, you halve your speed. There are a few exceptions to this (as there are with all technical things) but this could become a concern. There are also differences between boosters, repeaters and extenders, so know what you need and are purchasing. Get some basic information here:

If you do go the Extender route, tray to match the equipment you have. This is not necessary, but using an Asus Extender with an Asus Router may have some benefits. These could include better performance due to testing by manufacturer, lack of issues due to chipset conflicts, etc.

Depending on the investment you want to make you may want to consider a MESH WiFi system. I am retired from an IT career and I use the EERO PRO system. It is simple, fast, takes little technical knowledge and has Ethernet ports. The service also has year paid add ons offering security and other services which may or may not interest you.

I guess this is an product endorsement (unpaid, unaffiliated, etc.). I do not have anything on my dislike list for the EERO system. I do like the automatic updates, easy monitoring from my smartphone, Ethernet ports and coverage/speed. I am done playing with tech, I just want it to work.

Finally, just to add more to the list, you can also look into PowerLine Ethernet if you have the ability to take advantage of that. What Is Powerline Networking and How Do You Use It? | Digital Trends

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the correction.

Bought this from Amazon easy to install and boosted my 1 bar signal to 3 bars.


This method—while it requires a little bit of effort—is quite effective and costs $8 versus $80 for a new base station and single cam starter kit. The antennae Wyze installs on the base station aren’t necessarily of poor quality—they are simply sufficient for most normal installations and they keep their products affordable for a reason (which is certainly appreciated). This antennae modification option just enhances it.

My base station is working through about 5 walls in my nextdoor neighbor’s apartment, albeit, with one bar, to my camera which is about 75 feet away, underneath my car. If I move the base station against a single pane window on the same side, as my car, and the same distance from my car, as before, would the signal be stronger? Thanks.

The amount and type of material between your base station and cam certainly is a factor, but you’ll just have to do a little trial and error. The only feedback you’ll be able to use to assess the signal strength is the amount of bars (out of three) which isn’t terribly precise or check to see the data transfer rate when viewing your camera live. If the connection is weak or unreliable, check out what Dougaroo suggested. It nearly doubled my signal strength.