Base Station firmware update via internet failed but via WiFi succcessful

Whenever the firmware comes out for the Base Station, I have not been able to update it via internet (no WiFi). This is such an annoyance!

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why is this on the wishlist

Have you contacted Support about this? Can you tell what firmware you were on for the base station, and what firmware is now on the base station? What version of the Wyze app are you using?

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Current base station FW:
New FW version:

Outdoor Cam FW:

Wyze app: 2.29.2 (a3)

It looks like the #.66 firmware version has been problematic according to the firmware page, so iā€™d suggest submitting an app log for your issue ad then contacting support and letting them know your app log number so that the log and its info can be sent to the Eng/Devs to help work out any further kinks there may be with the #.66 firmware.

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