Base station connectivity and signal reach

  1. Does the base station for the outdoor cameras connect to WiFi wirelessly or must it be plugged into the router via Ethernet?

  2. If it must be physically plugged into the router, how far does its signal extend? I’m not at all sure a typical wireless signal will reach from where the router must be located to where I would want to situate the camera.

The base station must be plugged into your router or switch with an ethernet cable.

The range varies based on how many walls (and what they’re made of) the signal has to go through.
If you need to please the base station closer to your camera(s), you can use a WiFi extender with an ethernet port.


Good answer! You type faster than I do! :laughing:


Good answer. Thanks for that. I’m using the Nest mesh WiFi at the house. Do you know whether the TP-Link N300 is compatible with the mesh signal delivered by the Nest system? That’s probably a stupid question but I’d rather ask it than go buy everything and then find out it doesn’t work and I need to return it all.

Is there an ethernet port on the mesh pod? It may work.

Not sure whether my question was clear. The TP Link picks up a wireless signal and then (maybe) boosts it and rebroadcasts it it. Will the wireless signal from the mesh system be compatible with the TP Link, is perhaps how I should have asked the question. On reflection, I guess maybe it has to be that way. The mesh system has a 2.4 and 5 Ghz signal, and all that is standard, so . . .

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Yes it should work.

If you want to test connectivity, setup the base station at a location that you think it may stay. Setup the WCO, use the app and live view the WCO as you walk around to it’s possible mounting spots watching the quality of the live stream or signal strength according to the camera. It’ll suck wco battery live streaming, but youll get valuable knowledge as to the signal strength, and if you need to move the mounting spot, or move the base location.