Base station antenna placement

Whats the best position for the base station antenna for long range? Angled? Straight? Sideways?

Imagine putting a donut on each antenna and the signal travels out from the donuts ring. Best orientation would be the antenna perpendicular to the camera and on the same plane. (don’t point the antenna at the camera that is the worst orientation)


See the above answer if you are sticking with the standard omni-directional “stick” antenna(s).

If you have a single camera or other device that is at a long distance, you might want to consider a second access point with a directional antenna. (Simply changing one of the antennas on a router to a directional one is usually a bad idea, as they are typically designed to work in conjunction with each other).

For Wyze cameras, the weak point is their own small internal antenna. If you don’t mind voiding the warranty (or it has already expired), you could always consider one of the external antenna mods discussed elsewhere here in the forum.

Decided to get a range extender for my router and move the base station. Then I can put the camera where I want.

How do I setup 3 outdoor cameras? With 3 base stations? Also, do the transmitters extend the signal or do I need to place multiple router extenders around my house?

Unless distance is an issue, you should only have to use a single base station. My understanding is a single base station can handle 4 cameras.