Band subsection of app hangs -while the 3 watch ones work

I’m trying to add my band back onto my account and this module hangs and even the animation doesn’t play. However if I act like I’m adding any of the 3 watch listings they all immediately see the hex-ID that’s on my band display. Of course they fail since it’s a Band and not a Watch.
I just want to get my replacement band added back onto the app and onto my wrist so I can move on again.
Kinda frustrated at this point … have redone all the restarts/reboots force stop with the bluetooth on/off on/off on … on & off all day and it’s almost 8p and I’ve decided it’s a failure in the app module since everything else sees the signal immediately.

Please Fix Band Module in Android app.!! Thank you.!

What Wyze App are you using?

I just removed my band and re-added it without issues on my Samsung Fold 4 running Wyze Android Version v2.43.0(b301)

mine’s v2.42.5 (294) except I’m not seeing there’s an update to the version you’re running… going to enable beta then and see if that solves this issue since your subver has a b in it. Thanks.!

followup … ok, entered beta, installed and going to restart phone and band and try again.

Okay.! After entering beta and getting it… with no luck on my Moto G Power …probably because of my strict security software …went to Lenovo M10 3rd gen tablet and installed there and got the band added and updated …then removed app from tab since it’s my bathroom tab and don’t want much on that location.
I believe it was failing on my phone because it would go to a Location service question while adding and my phone probably denied it without showing me anything so the app failed from there.

Thank you so much for your insight that gave me some more avenues to use to get this replacement up & running.

My original wyze band had the connector on the watch break off and I’d superglued it back to get the band to stay on it… then the band tore leaving it permanently attached and well, new replacement wyze band is up & running.

So, Yay.! and thanks again.!

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