Balcony Rail mounting of Outdoor Cam

I was wondering if anyone has a solution for mounting an outdoor cam on a metal balcony railing. Thanks.

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You can take a look at this flexible mount and see if this will work for your railing. A good example in this pic here.

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I like @StopICU33‘s idea!
You could also use a bar mount for an action camera depending on the size of the bars.


zip ties!

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Thanks for your suggestions! I think the Arlo flexible mount may work for me. So the tripod socket on the Wyze outdoor cam is a standard one that also fits the one on Amazon for the Arlo, right?



@Brlepage is correct.

It’s the standard 1/4"-20 Male thread and it will fit the outdoor cam. :+1:

I think I’ll try one. It will have to undone from the balcony every two months, hopefully it will hold up.

On my initial test of a fully charged outdoor cam at my balcony spot, it lasted just over 60 days before it needed a charge.

Thanks again, I just ordered one of those flexy things from Amazon.


You’re welcome! I think it’s the best solution if you plan on moving the camera around. Also it makes it easy to take down and charge the battery.

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I can definitely vouch for “these mounts” I have 3 cameras mounted with them and, I sometimes move them around, they work great .
Also have a couple of these Flexible Twist Mount


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Hi holocron.
Since both screws on this micro clamp are 5/16 ø, how is it to attach to the cameras standard 1/4x20?