Bad Quality on one of my two new wyze cam v2 camera

Hi, I just purchased two brand new v2 cameras and received and set them up just fine, but I was disappointed in one of the camera quality compared to the other. Here are two photos of the quality. Both are set to the full hd on the app.

Interesting…looks like how it looked when I left the plastic film over the lens. I assume you’ve removed it? And the leaves are in sharp focus, perhaps more so than the first picure. So it looks almost as if the lens focus was set for close range and not “infinity” as it should.

yes, the plastic is removed. That is exactly what I was thinking, that the focus was different on this camera compared to the other one.

Thanks for the reply

Are they both in HD mode?

Yes, I stated that in the first post.



Sorry I missed that. Maybe try switching both to SD and see what happens. Then back to HD. If you keep seeing the same thing, you might have a bad camera which would take filing a support ticket to get it replaced.

Its all good thanks for the recommendation, still having the same issue I guess I will have to start a return ticket with Wyze.