Bad Audio

Hi All. My audio on all my cameras is very staticky and has a bad lag. It’s never clean or crisp. I love the camera but when I’m trying to speak to my children or wife from work or a different part of the house it’s impossible to communicate. Any suggestions/solutions?

The “hardware quality” of the mic and speaker are subpar… there’s not much that can be done to improve that.

If you rely on quality audio both ways, try another brand / product.

What @myswtest said product limitations, plus:

In my experience, most Apple devices seem to have smoother and more real time audio/video in the Wyze app than older Android devices. New fast Androids respond on par with Apple.

Network quality (home WiFi, plus home & cell phone internet connection) can be huge factors - if you have a jerky live video feed, the two way audio probably won’t be very good.

Maybe test by standing in front of the cam with your phone and conversing with yourself to see lag, jerkiness, static, feedback squeal, etc. Try with phone connected to home WiFi and then with phone connected only to cellular data.

Be sure not to stand too close to the camera with your phone (in live view) otherwise you’ll get audio feedback at your phone.

I just upgraded to the G3100 Fios router and 1gb service. I have a Note 8 that should handle this NP. Very disappointed in this part of the product. You would think they would pay more attention to things like this as it is just as important as the video quality.

Wyze did not design the cams, control component selection, and monitor manufacturing.

These cams are an existing China-based product, purchased by Wyze and rebranded with their name pasted on it, then Wyze writes the firmware and the phone app … so yea, they can control the software, but not hardware.