Audio quality very low in all of the cameras

I have been using Wyze products for the last at least six or seven years. I also install and sell them to my customers. Unfortunately, as of late, one of the recurring issues I am having is with the audio quality from any of the cameras that I have used, own or installed. I realize that making a good affordable product is a challenge these days and I feel that you guys have done a very good job at that. But, when audio quality is of the essence, when using a security camera, I have to admit your products fall short. So much so that I am currently rethinking my use of your cameras around my house – currently I have eight installed and running – and also about recommending your products to my clients. Truly, Wyze has been my “go to” for my clients and my personal use for all these years but I am , unfortunately, fed up with the lack of quality audio that I consistently get. I am hoping this message will get to somebody who can make a difference.

Are you talking about receive audio (camera to phone) or transmit audio (phone to camera)?

Both ways are poor :rofl:

Talking about every way the audio is either received or transmitted. When trying to listen to somebody speaking, live to a camera who is within 5 feet of the camera. It is choppy at best. Listening to a recorded piece. The audio is slightly better but not great. I do not usually have two conversations through the camera so I can’t tell you about that.