Audio has not improved

Haven’t been on for a while because honestly, I never had to. Had garbled, terrible audio on recorded footage. Now currently on latest firmware and see that the audio has not improved. Motion and video work fine but audio is still useless. I can’t even return them to amazon since the return window expired.

Are we waiting or expecting another firmware update to fix the audio or is it a hardware issue? How do I get replacement cameras? Thanks.

You would need to file a support ticket either from within the app or by visiting the Support link in the black bar atop this page.

Is there any plan to improve the audio recording quality? I just bought the v2 and really wish I could hear more than general bump and mumble noises around the room or a conversation had directly in front of the camera. So far I’m loving the video quality and alerts. Thanks.

Could not agree more. On playback, conversations held directly in front of the camera are garbled, broken up, and choppy. Completely useless. Had a previous system that had perfect audio capability with talkback. Expected nothing less with WYZE. It is completely different.

The microphone sensitivity is high, sounds closer to the camera are overdriving the audio circuit. This setting is controlled by the user in the settings menu of the app. If you whisper or talk quietly you will see the camera can hear and record perfectly. The microphone is also not a high end recording device, it is a simple electret condenser mic, similar to your cellular telephone. The mic will overdrive easily on a loud or near field input. I suggest testing various sound sensitivity levels for the sound settings under detection in the app. I am not sure this may only adjust the detection level for the sound. Perhaps a sensitivity adjustment for the mic itself may be in order. You can vote for future features you would like to see added to the cam and app in the forum. You may also wish to become a beta tester and submit your ideas and questions that way. You might get faster results from your input?

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