Is it me or the audio is nonexistent or very choppy?

new to the user, the audio is very choppy, barely audio. any others experience this?
any solutions?
i’m talking about < 10 ft away no nothing else in the background, just looking to capture people talking to one another

I have no problem with normal indoor convo (unwarranted, of course).

Sirens n other high pitch street noises (I live btwn 2 fire depts n 2 Hospitals).

Those do break-up!

Jus my 2¢

We record audio in the auto while traveling and parking, and it receives symphony music, telephone calls, person to person voices inside the auto, loud outside noises when parked, people walking past the auto talking while parked, sometimes it get a little choppy, and if you try to monitor it it gets an endless repeating echo on the audio stream. Other than that it seems to operate normally most of the time.

The latest firmware for the V2 is I believe, have you tried making sure it is current? Check in the Device info on the app and if it’s not up to date you might want to use the link in the app to update your camera’s firmware.

Hope this helps,




I have the most current firmware. It’s very hard to hear the audio barely useable

Hello @gumball99 I was wondering is the connection between the camera and the router strong and not low in speed?