AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

12/15/21 10:36 AM PT - AWS says that portions of their service have been recovered and they are working on remaining components such as new components. We’ll continue to update you as we hear more.


Argh. So that’s why my thermostat was showing offline.

I did a quick search and saw that resetting was recommended so I did so and have spent the last two hours trying to get it set up again without any luck.

Now I know why.

PLEASE send an email next time so I don’t waste my time doing that. Now I have to wait until you’re back up and running to turn my heat on.


Please take this outage as a reminder to do some tweaking to the original wyze bulbs firmware. I manually turned them on they will stay on a minute or so then they start flashing one at a time and then dim back out. My color bulbs are staying on as they should. This is a bit of an inconvenience when the whole house is wyze bulbs. At the very least if the service is offline they should be able to stay on if they are not set to maintain the state from power loss.


Well like I said if Wyze would have sent an email to their customers. when you have 1/2 of your devices working and another have not. Well you start to wonder what is going on. I guess hind sight. Maybe wait… but for how long? Their customer service was also unresponsive


I think this outage identified a huge issue with the Wyze light switches. These need to be able to retain some sort of connection to wyze bulbs/devices. I have 5 of these installed and every room that utilized them was rendered useless because not only do the light switches not function, but the wyze bulbs don’t function either. And with no connection to the app (i was blocked out for almost 2 hours), there was no way to manually turn them on. even now that the app is back online, I still can’t access the switch of the bulbs, and unscrewing the bulb and reinserting it simply puts it back into pairing mode, which is less helpful to have a pulsing green light in the room. We need some localized / offline communication between devices.


Any reason why only SOME of my lights are still offline, but others are not?
And, any reason why my regular cameras show as online, but the battery outdoor cameras show as offline, though I can activate and see live images from all of them?

My Wyze cams will not shut off and I have them covered with tissues. Is my problem related to the Amazon Server issue?

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And that’s why I mostly use smart wall dimmer switches with regular bulbs.

Hey, my Wyze cloud events just came back!

Wyse skill on Alexa was disconnected… this was done by the outage… re enable it to be back in business. AWS 99% reliable… Please!

And they don’t even allow bypassing the physical installation steps.

You can manually turn on your heating with some jumper wires.
Try this Bypass the HVAC Thermostat for Testing of Furnace and AC Units! - YouTube

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I noticed my Rules (that I use to toggle Motion Detection on/Off) are currently not working. Do we think that’s related to this incident?

Ya, home, cabin, and office Wyze products are not working correctly.

Thanks @richlopezfm !

Would sure be nice to bypass those steps too but by now I have them memorized. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for those instructions.

agree we get these weekly emails about backordered items but we can’t get an email about an outage???


I had been, but the bedrooms in our house use switched outlets to control plugged-in lights. so prior to the wyze switches I needed to have a daisy chain a number of commands to go from a smart switch / smartthings / ifttt / wyze to turn on a bulb that wasn’t in the predefined outlet. turn-on time was about 5 seconds. the Wyze switches are instant, but this is going to be a nightmare if they are unusable anytime AWS takes a dive.

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The thermostat will hold the last temperature it was set to. Also, if you are home, you can also simply dial up what you want. :slight_smile:


A status page would be nice. Add a canary on a perch which flips upside down if the page goes stale.

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I think this is showing that Wyze is going to need to work on a true “HUB” to control all of its bulbs and switches if AWS goes down. Which is sad, because not having a Hub is nice, making install easy. But Wyze does have small hubs for 1) Outdoor Cameras and 2) Home security. I also have Series 1 motion sensors and open/close sensors so those use the old cameras as Hubs.

Switch and bulb connectivity could be added to either of the existing hubs or just create a new Hub that can be used be all the equipment.

Of course you’re WiFi would still have to be up, and you would lose voice command without Internet, but at least the switches and bulbs and app would still work.

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Gwendolyn… not sure if you can keep up with all of the comments, but wanted to let you know of one “good” thing to come out of the outage: it provides an opportunity to view the behavior of various devices when there is Internet disruptions. One thing I noticed is that the Outdoor Plugs are throwing an incorrect error on both iOS & Android (& both Production and Beta). The error is “WiFi Signal is too Weak” with the suggested resolution being to move the plug closer to the router.