AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

My plug could never be added to my Alexa account even though the app is linked to my Alexa account. Now it does not work at all using the App. Returning defective device. I have had this device for less than a week.

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Ever since I moved. My robot vacuum has trouble staying connected. In the two weeks since I have been using Rosey again, I’ve had to reconnect her seven times. So, of course, when she was disconnected today, I went through the whole song and dance to pair her again. She wouldn’t pair and I probably tried six times. I was going to go to a full WYZE home security system, but it sounds like this AWS issue is a nightmare. Is WYZE the only system using AWS or are most systems down right now?

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Sounds like you don’t have a defective device, it’s the network that’s down.

I have over 40 wyze products most of which are currently showing offline. Do I seriously need to remove these and add again? If so that’s ridiculous.


The last time there was an outage everything eventually came back.
So hopefully they won’t need to be re-added.



Same message here. Thankfully I didn’t waste any time diagnosing something that can’t be repaired by me.

Things are still out in the North East. Strangely, my camera are fine. The plugs are all gone though. I unwisely uninstalled some of them thinking there was a problem there. That was unwise.


Outages like this is why I have started to diversify my smarthome devices. I have some from Wyze, some from Kasa, some from YoLink and zwave switches for Smartthings that I can turn on manually if the internet or company related services become unavailable.

Living in one ecosystem, like Wyze, if fine, until something breaks.


How about a gigantic banner on the forum home page stating there is an outage???

I see lots of posts from users who don’t seem to know there is a problem. The little post in news from Wyze is easy to miss or ignore.



My thoughts exactly. Diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

In addition to too many Wyze products, I also have Hubitat Elevation with over 45 devices, a Nest thermostat, 2 Nest smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and 2 TreatLife WiFi dimmers.

Yes, there are issues with everything now and then. Fortunately with Hubitat, as long as we have power, everything works locally. That is the main selling point.


12/15/21 12:16 PM PT - We know that some of our services such as Wyze Bulb voice commands and other products and services continue to be impacted by the AWS outage. AWS is continuing to work on restoring service. Thank you.


Thanks for the ”heads up”


You can tell the Wyze development team that it may be time to issue a “universal” Wyze Hub that can be used for all of the cameras, bulbs, switches, and other devices, to insure functionality and local App control over WiFi when there is an internet outage. Of course voice command would still be down since it relies on Amazon, unless Wyze would want to add that to the Hub’s local control :wink: But that is probably a bit much. For now.


Yeah, only my pan cam is functioning. Doorbell, plugs, other cameras are not. Oh well, first world problems. At least I do not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, or if I am going to be executed for watching South Korean K-Pop.


We’re honestly right there with all of you with the frustration about this. I’m currently sitting in the dark in my living room (Seattle is not the most sunny location on the planet).

I was hoping that AWS services would already be restored by now. I’m going to work on the email now because that’s often what brings things back if you’re the superstitious sort. :sweat_smile:


@WildBill, this post is pinned globally so people should see it at the top of every section of the forum. But I’ll look into a banner for later after I work on emails.

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Any word on cam plus? It missing on the app under services,as well as the devices that have it thanks,

Any word on why I cant turn off a camera?

Anytime I turn off the camera, it turns itself back on again.

Im getting notifications non-stop on it, but they arent pushing to my watch. Just the phone.

I turn it off in the app, but it doesnt actually turn off. Also multiple cameras are showing offline but can still be accessed.

Most of the day just my Robot Vacuum and Smart Bulb were offline over the last 30 minutes I have four more items offline. So it seems to me that the problem is getting worse.

Same here. Wireless base stations showing offline but have internet access confirmed through my network management tool. Cameras showing offline but are able to send video. Vacuum won’t connect though. Wireless cams not connecting. They are only set to be on at night so I can’t turn them on via the app at this point. Wish I would have checked this forum BEFORE scrambling around for 30 minutes trying to figure this all out!