Is there a constant problem with connection?

Hey guys, new here. We bought our system (doorbell, 3 cameras) 3 days ago, the 1st day worked great! Set up easily enough. But the last two days it has hardly been working. Every camera and doorbell are offline, and says there is a known issue in the area. My question is, we have internet just fine. Why is the system not working, and is this a constant issue with wyze? There have been breakins in the area and I’m nervous this system is going to constantly cause me more stress, then be any help.

Hello @candis27 and welcome to the community.

I would say in my opinion it is not a constant problem. I do not work for them but I do volunteer for them just in case you think I may be biased lol. Today there has been an issue with an AWS (Amazon Web Server) outage affecting Wyze. You can follow the conversation and updates here