AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

zigbee products on order… bye bye Wyze

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See ya :wave:


I use smart life plugs GOSUND PLUGS

Same boat here. I have most with no connection still. Resetting doesn’t work as it doesn’t even connect to my bulb on the bulb’s WiFi. Cameras all say disconnected unless I tap on them I can view them.
Very frustrated here

It’s not a big ask. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure they’re not 100% up and running. I done ALL troubleshooting stated on this thread, clear cache, sign off/sign on, remove problem cam, power cycled, re-added in my app, uninstall/reinstall app and nada. I tried my wifes Ipad Air 2 by installing wyze on it and the one problem cam shows on it. The entire troubleshooting I done was on my android phone running android 11, wifes anroid 11 phone is on the same boat as mine. Wondering now if it just an issue for android users.

@WyzeGwendolyn not sure of the status on the robot vacuum showing offline in the app. I’m sorry if I missed in the 784 entries… :thinking:


My cams are working, but 2 APPEAR offline, but are able to be accessed and live watched.

I have cleared the cache and logged out of the app but thye are still appearing that way.

I wonder what I cna do to fix that.

Hey @johnnymets

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Maybe with all these Users saying they are going to ditch Wyze products, those of us that stick around will have better service due to less congestion on the AWS…

I only use their Wyze Cams V2, Pan-Cam and V3 - Not at all interested in any other products ( and now you see why…LOL )

My Home security system is an UL listed Ademco system which did see a blip in it’s comms but switched to a fallback pathway immediately and never lost communications to the App or the monitoring center.

MY home automation is on Z-Wave which will run locally on the Z-Wave network and will connect to WiFi for App control, it never went down either.

Hey @x430ni5

Same here with one v2 cam. We may be in this boat:

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and that will be really beneficial when aws is still down! come on…

My thoughts exactly.

I would check out tomorrow

All of our stuff shows online with no issues

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Earlier today I had 4 cameras that were showing offline but I was able to do live view , later in the day they straightened themselves out without me doing anything since that time all the cameras are working just as they should.
If they don’t come back totally on their own I would try power cycling the camera, that has solved the issue for me in the past

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My Wyze Outdoor cameras are still offline(flashing blue lights on the cameras and base) 36 hours and three power off/ on cycle attempts later. 8PM EST Thursday night. Any thoughts on a solution ?

Is the base/hub plugged into your router? If not it will need 2 try it and see if you get a sold blue