AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/5/20

My cameras are doing this too since new update. They were only sensing sound and now nothing at all.

Same things happening to me here. I was one of the unfortunate ones who started resetting my bridges and repairing sensors to no avail. Many hours of frustrated wasted time. Just now saw this after submitting trouble ticket earlier this evening.

Yes, a notification in the app that this is going on or an email going out to registered users would be nice.

Like others, my house seems haunted now with my automations going off seemingly random, but actually just delayed by several hours.


I had to completely delete the sensor from my app because it wouldn’t stop sending notifications over and over. Don’t think i’ll be adding them back tbh, just too unreliable…

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They weren’t all shipped at the same time and they aren’t all arriving at the same time. I ordered as soon as was possible with the continual site crashes (refresh, refresh refresh FINALLY GOT IN!) Mine got shipped way later than several other people and still doesn’t arrive until Friday and several other people said theirs haven’t shipped yet. I think they staggered them, so I don’t think that’s the issue, I’m pretty confident it’s just the maintenance and should go back to normal in not too long.

It’s 3am and my sensors are still not working.


I wish there were push notifications regarding this. This was driving me crazy. Motion Sensor not showing logs made me reset it in at least 4 ways (power cycle the camera, remove and plug back sense, remove battery on sensor, re-pair sensor).

It’s amazing because IFTTT works (and Google Home) but the “in-house” Wyze rules do not.

(e.g. IFTTT rule turns on Wyze bulb on Wyze motion detection, but the Wyze app’s rules with the same routine does not.)

This made me think of migrating my rules to IFTTT. I just thought Wyze’s was less prone to issues (made sense in my head).


I’m still seeing an issue with sensor rules still. None of my lights are triggering based on the motion alerts. Must still be delays going on.


Just getting alerts still from 10:15pm last night.

Still an ongoing problem. Notifications started to come in about 3am for 1am events and they were sending out 2 hours in delay. Seems the triggers are now about 1 hour delay so I’m having to keep turning off the routines setup when a triggered event finally happens.

Glad to hear it’s being fixed because I had a rough night with lights turning on because rhe door sensor was open and closing, Alexa was saying door open, door closed. What a sleepless night.

I’m still seeing very flaky behavior within the app. Lights and light groups that are physically on are showing off in the app. And lights that are off are showing on. When I try to correct the displayed state in the app it will change to show “off”, for example. But, the next device refresh flips the status back to on.

My motion sensors are still running on a delayed basis by a couple of minutes now. The contact sensors are also running 2 minutes behind. It looks like all of my senor trigger rules are running, just 2 minutes after the fact.

I am running Android app version 2.12.29. I am going to submit a ticket to CS.

EDIT: It looks like things are cleared up. My issues seem to be resolved.

Can you please give us an update on this? I am still getting wrong notifications of things happened hours ago. Every hour or so I am getting that I left my doors open, but they are closed. Thank you!

All night I was getting very late and multiple repeat notifications for the Wyze lock and other sensors .
This morning it is still very late (1.5 hr + ) sensor notifications and status changes .
Can’t trust or use any of the statuses at this point .

So where is the AWS maintenance/status page?? Why blame AWS if it’s a WYZE issue? At least I don’t find anything here

See this thread here.

Sorry I couldn’t find my answer there, someone mentioned local processing power and the specific thread was just giving the wyze status page, not from AWS.

Yes things seem to be back to normal for me.

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Not for me, northeast US, 11:30am est, everything is offline (bridges, motion sensors, door sensors, plugs, outdoor camera, rules)

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I have two Wyze Cams v2 and three Pans. For the first time, one of my v2 Cams has hyperbolically “died” after the AWS IoT Maintenance service issues yesterday. I do have a yellow light on the back of it. Still, it won’t connect to the internet after power cycling, on and off, or even deleting then trying to add back. It’s a helluva coincidence otherwise if it’s just spontaneously stopped working. Is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s within a few feet from the router. Nothing’s changed, So I’m going to try using a different power cord. Firmware is up to date, so maybe I can somehow flash the cam to do that whole firmware downgrade/upgrade that I think some have done in the past, I don’t remember if the Wyze cam has some sort of other “RESET TO DEFAULTS” option.

EDIT: I unplugged the cable, and now no yellow light. I tried other cables and the same thing. It intermittently makes this whizzing sound, apparently coming from within the speaker, but no yellow light still.

Gwen, is there some compelling reason for Wyze not setting up an auto-generated message such as “we are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on it”. this could be triggered by support or auto generated like Comcast and Xfinity does when they have unscheduled outages?