Awful support and not caring about the little things is really starting to get annoying

I’m 99% sure that this is going to do nothing but what the hell may as well get it off my chest.
It is really disappointing how bad the Wyze support team has been as of late, seams like every time that I have to chat or call in for support (which is happening a lot more then I would like) I’m getting less and less information and more well Your in Canada so we don’t care about you.
Trying to call into support and there is never really an option in the Phone Bot for me to get to the right team so I just end up going to the returns option.
I get disconnected all the time and it is really rare that I actually get any answers for any of my questions. Never get a call back and emails always feel generic and like no one at Wyze actually cares about their customers.

I am really getting sick and tried of seeing new products every few months when we still can’t get the add-on for current products. OG doorbell you were able to get more chimes. Wyze comes out with a new model and suddenly no extra doorbells can be bought. I know its not a big issue for most but how is it that things like this keep getting missed. I mean Canadians are already on what feels like a year or 2 long delay to get what they have in the US but now they don’t even have these addons for the US.
How hard is is to make a smaller box and ship a chime? Off the top of my head you’ve made a lamp socket, solar panel, switch, floodlight, 2 kinds of vacuums, room sensor, scale, air purifier but can’t work out how to ship an extra chime???
STILL can’t turn off notifications for shared cameras
STILL can’t grants access to time line for shared users.
There are so many “Small” things that just keep getting overlooked and its just Sad and frustrating

Just feels like its now more important to get Wyze into EVERY product type and less about making sure that its being done right and treating customers right.
I stopped using a lot of other bands cause this happened to them and I just really really don’t want that to happen to Wyze.

I beg of you Wyze, please stop branching out so fast that you stop caring about your customers and just pushing the bare minimum out for the products and then just forgetting about them.

So disappointed in Wyze right now and I really hope that you get your act together. I have a lot invested in the brand and I really don’t want to have to go to a competitor just cause you stop caring.


I am sorry this has been your experience as of late.

I also am not sure it will do anything, but I will make sure your comments get seen by the proper teams.


And I think we all to often worry about the far to little things. Maybe we are looking too hard for everything to be too-perfect. (did that come out like I meant for it to? I am not sure. Maybe I am expecting my comment to be “just right”?) I am certain of one or two things. One of those things is, my comment is going to realllllly piss off at least a few.

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