Automatically turn off cam notifications if wind in my area is over x mph

Today is very windy in my neck of the woods which causes camera notifications about once an hour from trees swaying. I realize I can turn off notifications but that would require me to not only launch the app and find the setting, but also remember to turn them back on once the wind lets up.

It would be a great feature addition to allow users to temporarily suspend notifications when wind in my area is over [user chooses] mph.

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Honestly that sounds like a decent idea. As a workaround you could see if IFTTT has any weather applets that allow wind speed as a trigger.

You will also want to vote for this in the upper left so they know you want it.


Just to follow up I did some quick checking on IFTTT, you can use the Weather Underground service and set up an IF for wind speed rises above and a THAT for WYZE turn off notifications. Just still looking for a way to turn them back on, but there is half the battle.


I dont use IFTTT so I don’t know for sure, but isnt there a way to set up a time frame check for something like that? so it looks for the IF variable at user set intervals. maybe once an hour or something?

Possibly, I had not looked into it real hard because I use SmartThings and Webcore and can do exactly this through that very easily. I was curious if IFTTT could do it also. I only use IFTTT when I have to.

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That’s a great idea. It would be great if sensitivity changes could be triggered via IFTTT (or in the app) too, to do more complex things like that.

I wouldn’t want notifications OFF, personally, but I would like to automatically decrease the sensitivity when the wind is going crazy, and I’d also like the automatically decrease the sensitivity at night (Mine gets triggered way more often at night, because headlights light up the camera’s own reflection)

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if you paint the camera black ( or another dark color) it won’t reflect off the inside of the window enough to pick it up. :nerd_face:

Yeah. I know Wyze is gonna do another special black camera at some point, so I’ll probably buy a couple of those when they do that. But there’s are also white blinds behind the camera, which tend to get illuminated. What I really need to do is figure out some kind of black box I can sit the camera in, so that nothing behind it gets illuminated either. I haven’t really seen anybody come up with a good solution for that. I can envision what I need, but I’d like something that looks less crappy than a painted cardboard box. Haha.

I actually went to a store and bought a small piece of cloth. mount that to the window or what have you around the camera so that nothing behind the camera is visible. I found that stopped it detecting when I turned a light on inside ( and got reflection on the window) or from outside light sources like cars

this was my first mock up. it will give you the general idea. its good for a temporary solution

stopping reflection

Nice. The cloth would probably help. Although I’d like to come up with something that looks a little more intentional than that, if that makes sense. Just a black box enclosure type thing that’s a bit bigger than the camera and sits flush against the window.

This is what illuminates my camera/blinds multiple times per night. (What happens at 14-15 seconds) I’m ignoring the main road in front of my house, but when anyone drives up the perpendicular road and turns left (right on the camera) the headlights illuminate the blinds. I actually moved the camera so that the awning from my front door blocks the actual headlights when cars are sitting there, but the reflection still does it.

Ambient Weather sells home weather stations that have conditions which can be used as triggers in IFTTT applets. One of those conditions is wind speed.