Looking out a window

I am having issues with the night vision. I want to have a camera looking through a window to catch night activity. However, the night vision lights create a major glare off the window and pretty much makes it impossible to see anything. If I try behind the screen, it’s the same problem. Has anyone been successful at getting the night vision to work when the camera is looking out a window?

The camera will be more sensitive to light when in night vision mode, but it won’t be able to see in the dark. You can put an outdoor infrared illuminator outside to do the lighting for you. There are other discussions here on that.


You can turn IR lights off and put front of the cam right against the glass to stop the glare , but you will need some kind of lights outside to be able to see .

IR lights on/off

The Wyze Cam has the ability to toggle the IR lights on/off when using Night Vision. This can help if you want to have your Wyze Cam looking through a window and are getting an IR glare.

To turn the IR lights on/off, use the following process:

  1. Open the Wyze app
  2. Navigate to the camera’s Live Stream
  3. Go to the Settings by tapping the SettingsGear__1_.png icon in the top right of the screen
  4. Go to " Advanced Settings "
  5. From here, you should see an option labelled " IR Emission ". Toggle this setting off to turn the IR lights on the camera off

be aware of reflection from lights on the inside too. when you walk into a room and hit a light on at night, the camera might detect that and start recording or possibly even catch a reflection of you and detect a person.

make some sort of cover to only allow the camera to see outside light will help.
this is an impromptu one I use on one looking into my south driveway.

and one other fun tid bit of knowledge. if your camera is White…if sunlight is coming directly in the window you might have the reflection of the camera itself on the glass which can obscure your recording. there are a couple of methods to color a camera black ( I used plastidip) and that helps with the reflection immensely!

)edit) one other thing…try to use a window where you are not looking THROUGH screen. the camera will have trouble focusing. hopefully you have windows where it would be possible. for instance my windows slide up to open the bottom half of the windows…so only the bottom half have screens. in the pisture I posted you can see its not through a screen so all I have to do it keep dirt and bird caca off the window and I’m good.