Lightning for hours kept triggering the doorbell

We had a storm last night and the doorbell kept going off in the middle of the night due to lightning that lasted a couple of hours to the point that I had to turn off notifications to get some sleep. Any way to mitigate this ?

sadly no. because the cams ( except the outdoor cam) sense motion based on pixel changes headlights, lightning, and things like that will always be somewhat of an issue. you could turn notifications off at bedtime using rules if that might work for you.

Thank you. There has been heavy wind all morning and the tree about 15ft away has been triggering the motion too. I turned off the “All other motion” notifications and just kept the AI notifications.

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that’s what I have done as well. sorry I didn’t mention that, you didn’t mention if you have a plus subscription and I didn’t want to “push” that on you

I’m glad you were able to figure it out!

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