My Outdoor Cams have a mind of their own - ignore the "rules" I set or delete

I have outdoor cams monitoring front and back lawn. Through IFTTT, they are supposed to turn on outdoor lights, during night hours, after detecting a person. Problem is they have been detecting people 24 hrs a day. So my lights stay on ALL THE TIME. I tried deleting the Rules I had set and start over. No effect! The cameras continue same bad behavior - whether I have rules or not.

As far as I knew there wasn’t a way in IFTTT to specify set times. Also, IFTTT isn’t alrays reliable. I can’t tell you how many times some rules in IFTTT fail to trigger at all.

IFTTT is just triggering Hue lights after Cam detects something. I am not now, nor do I need to specify a time in IFTTT. The Wyze cams are where the time period is set to send or not send notifications or triggers to IFTTT. Again, after deleting ALL rules in the entire app, it is still activating lights.

If you set up a rule in IFTTT it will always trigger 24/7. Regardless of what your Wyze settings are. It will override the Wyze settings so the trigger will run. That’s from my experience in working with IFTTT for several of my triggers.

IFTTT settings: “IF Motion is detected on Cam1, then turn on Outdoor Lights”

Wyze rule: " Turn off Motion Detection on Cam1 between 6 AM and 8 PM"

So, with these settings, 1) why would it not work properly, and then, 2) how would IFTTT trigger lights if no motion detection signal is being sent to IFTTT?

I’m not sure why it does that, I just know it does from tinkering with the Wyze settings and IFTTT.