Automatically Read Important Wyze Notifications Via Tasker

I’m trying to use Tasker and the Autonotification plugin to intercept important Wyze notifications and have them automatically read out loud.

I created the following Tasker Profile:
Event > Plugin > Autonotification > Intercept

Notification Apps: Wyze,WyzeCams
Notification Text: front door (case ins)

I would like this to work for front door or back door or garage door and not just the front door (see Notification Text entry above). The problem is the Notification Text option doesn’t allow for adding OR. Any ideas on how to do this?

So, first I am not an AutoNotification (AN) expert. Everyone who uses AN says it’s a beast to use, with over 50 separate variables you can access. Have you gone to reddit’s Tasker sub and asked there? That’s what the developer uses to communicate issues and changes. My best advice is to go to the reddit sub if you haven’t. Or, if you aren’t on reddit and don’t want to be, I can ask for you. You just need to be really specific because, as I said, i don’t use AN.

And I’m not really sure how many people here use Tasker at all (one or two, not counting you and I?). Caveat: I use Taker and Join to communicate with IFTTT for everything. So, when a door sensor opens, IFTTT sends a Webhook telling Join which sensor, then Tasker triggers and will - using Say - tell me.


I reached out on the Tasker forum before posting here but I thought posting here would also help others looking to do something similar with Wyze.

If I get a reply on the Tasker forum, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, I just cloned the profile and changed the notification text filter to target one sensor for each profile.

What did you use Tasker, Join, and IFTT to do? I tried using IFTT for a few things but it seemed to be slow.

Many things are possible once you get the hang of things, but primarily I do this:

  1. IFTTT’s Google Assistant (If) service I say, “Set my phone status to home (or away).” (It will respond with, “OK, I’ve set your phone status to home (or away.)”)
  2. IFTTT sends a Webhook (That) to the Join API url which sends the “home” or “away” status to Join.
  3. The Tasker profile receives the Join push with that status and runs a Task. If the status is “home”, Tasker sends Join pushes to run all the applets I’ve created to turn cameras and notifications off, etc.

I also have time based Profiles in Tasker to do the same thing. The cameras I shut off when I got home will go on at a specific time after I go to bed, turn off when I get up, etc.

Convoluted, and more of a Science project than anything else.

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Why not use AutoInput for that? Is it not as reliable?

Why don’t you use location to automatically set the home/away phone status?

  1. I purchased Join a while ago, so I don’t want to purchase another plug-in. Same reason I don’t have AutoNotification.

  2. Location profiles eat battery and are pretty unreliable. I use to have a profile to turn on wifi when I near the house, and it would constantly go on, go off, go on, go off. Maddening.

– Edit –

I have to add, I got Join because it allows me connect my laptop, phone, tablet, etc. I can get texts on any device and reply… If I have an open tab on my laptop I can transfer it to my tablet, I mean, it does more than I can even discuss in a few sentences.


Cool, thanks

Wondering if you got any responses…

Anyway, I broke down and purchased AN, and made a quick profile. It’s actually pretty straight forward.
Profile: Event AutoNotification Intercept
Notification Type: Only Created Notifications (because when a notification was dismissed, it would run the task, so I’d hear it twice)
Notification App: WyzeBeta
Task: Dave (I randomly name tasks)
If %antext ~ opened
If %antext ~ front
Say “Front door open.”
Else If %antext ~ deck
Say “Deck door open.”
End If
If %antext ~ closed
If %antext ~ front
Say “Front door closed.”
Else If %antext ~ deck
Say “Deck door closed.”
End If
End If

Note: You need an asterisk wildcard before and after the response (aka front, opened, closed, etc), but when I do that here, it italicizes the word and you can’t tell.

There’s probably a more elegant way to do it other than brute force If/Then, but it was a test.


No I didn’t get a response. I found a old relevant post and replied to it so perhaps that’s why I haven’t received a response?

Your solution looks good. Thanks for pointing out that the Notification Type should only be for Only Created Notifications. I was just wondering how to prevent it from reading dismissed notifications.

Setting up Tasker + AutoNotification to has been a big help. Now I can mute Android notifications so I’m not overwhelmed by all the Wyze notifications and yet still be informed of the most important ones.

I have created a Tasker task that speaks the Wyze notification when it occurs. For example, "front door was opened at 12:30.

I’ve not used the filters in autonotification. You coud add actions to your task to look for words you are interested in and based on that respond to those words accordingly. For that, use the split function.

I’m interested in using tasker too. Do the notifications from wyze still happen? I want to not see them, and only see the new things I get tasker to do.

I’m pretty sure you can do all this in Tasker alone if you set it to respond to “Owner Application” “Wyze” and then enter in the text you want it to respond to like “Door Opening” (or whatever the exact verbage is)

Then you just set it to trigger a task like play an mp3 file saying whatever you want like “The Garage Door has opened” or an alarm tone or whatever you want.

Then just make another task for the door closing and another mp3 you have on your phone saying door closing or have it trigger the same alarm tone if you only need the one task.

Hello, I’ve done that.
Attaching screen shots of one of these tasks.
Included in the code is a notification to my pebble watch naming the sensor and its status plus the time the event occurred (these are of course optional)


The text to say is in the autonotification variable %antext. Just have to: say %antext.

I have this running on an older Android phone at home. I have an option that sends the %antext to my cell phone so I get notified of I’m out and about.

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