I am experiencing problems with the audio in live and recorded mode. the audio keeps cutting in and out. Im looking at a live feed and the sound cuts off, then seconds later the sound comes back on. This is constantly happening. Very irritating…


It could be a hardware problem. I suggest you file a support ticket from within the app soon after experiencing the problem. This will send the camera and app logs to Wyze so they can be analyzed.

When I view my recordings in playback it cuts off the last few and the first few seconds of sound every minute from about the 56 second to the 5 second mark every minute. It’s frustrating figure out what was said as you miss part of the conversation. It’s always been this way for a year and I keep doing all the updates hoping it will fix it.

I’ve noticed the same thing. In my recordings (I’m recording “events only”), at the end of every minute, from about :56, the sound goes away. I’ve also noticed that the sound and video on the recording are out of sync.