Audio distortion in app events but not in livestream (video included)

I am not sure if I am in the right subforum, please move if needed. I have noticed an issue today on my v3 camera that is bothering me pretty much, especially since things worked fine for a while.
When I watch a video in the events list, the audio has a distorted, warbling, reverb-ish sound that is not present in the livestream, not in tinycampro and not in the playback. It is not a background noise. The sound is only like that in the events. I had the same issue before when I downloaded videos from a v2, but it was only present in the downloaded videos. My workaround for that was to screen-record the videos I wanted to keep with my phone. Now that does not work anymore (I think it started two days ago), and I only get good sound either via tinycampro or by screen-recording from the live view.

I had a support chat today but there was no solution. My WiFi should be strong enough, it has been since I installed the cam in February. The FW and app are up to date. Rebooting did not help. I have several cameras installed around here and checked my router and reserved the IP addresses for them.

The camera is recording a bird nest, and the chirps of the babies now sound like in an echo chamber.

Does anyone have an idea what I could do? Thanks in advance.
Video below, first comes the distortion, then the screen-recording I did from the livestream (I did that first but put it last in the video).


Hearing the same thing with my Wyze and arlo cams. Thinking wind or interference. Need to swap the cams around to confirm.
The pan cam, for all its beep bop boops, has the best sound when not moving.

The audio had been working fine since February, the camera has not been moved and is in a sheltered, fixed position. I can hear the wind and the occasional interference but this is not what I am talking about. The baby cheeps are way overpitched, and this is new. They are ok in the live stream, they only sound like this in the event recordings.

This morning, I checked the recent recordings, and to my surprise the sound event recordings sound normal and good. The sound is only awful in the video event recordings. Unfortunately, the sound event recordings are never long enough to cover all the action but I guess they are better than nothing. I am still puzzled and I still think this has to do with something they changed in the last firmware update.