Audio Book Headphone Sleep Sensor - At What Point in the Book Did I Doze Off

My wife listens to audio books to distract her and help her fall asleep. The next night, she would like to restart the audio book where she dozed off. It would be best if this were used with small earbuds, not headphones.

My reactions in order.

  1. Ha this has got to be a joke thread.

  2. Hey wait a minute.

  3. Gee I fall asleep to podcasts all the time and this would be great to not have to flail around finding my place.

  4. Hmm, how can this be done. I want it. :slight_smile:

I use an Android app called Smart Audiobook. It has a feature she may like. If you don’t shake your phone/tablet every 10 minutes (adjustable) it stops reading. You can set the shake force.
It really sucks when you wake up just in time to hear who dunnit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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