Feature Request - Headphones: Cupping hand over R ear mutes audio going into computer/phone while activating Ambient mode

It would be pretty amazing if we could have the option (with a toggle in the app?) to mute the audio going into our computer/phone. For example, if someone comes to my desk to talk to me, but I’m on a Zoom call, I want to be able to both cup my hand over my ear to hear the person at my desk, while simultaneously muting my voice so that the people on the call can’t hear what I’m saying.

I know that Ambient mode uses the mics to amplify external sound, so it’d have to cut off the mic input after it comes in but before it goes to the device.

Does that make sense? This seriously would save me SO many headaches of trying to mute my Zoom so that I can talk to someone in front of me.


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