Adjust Transparency Mode volume up/down on Wyze Headphones

I would like to be able to increase the volume of transparency mode since as I have hearing loss. It’d be great to amplify or turn up background noise in that mode.

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YES! Please allow for ambient sound amplification to much higher levels in addition to the modes available through the app. This would be an awesome feature, especially if amplification can automatically turn off with loud sounds.


Yes please! I use my headphones at work. The music helps me focus, plus taking phone calls and Skype meetings is super easy as the headset automatically switches to what I want. It’s a dream! But they would be waaaay more helpful if I could also hear when some one knocks on my door or pops in to ask me a question. I don’t have the music at super high levels but being able to turn up the volume a bit and adjust the mix between the ambient and the digital input would absolutely change the game with these.

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