Audio announcement when motion is detected

A neighbor has a device (not sure what) that announces “HI! YOU ARE BEING RECORDED” when we walk or drive by. We are in the street, so the detection zone obviously needs to be trimmed down a bit.

This seemed like a good idea at the time, except if you are a neighbor. The announcement is loud but not LOUD. I wouldn’t want to hear this every time people or cars pass by.

I did a few minute Google for voice announcement security camera, and only got hits for a speaker that plays a sound file when motion is detected, not a camera with this capability .

Short of asking the neighbor or doing the ‘Mission:Impossible’ slide to get a visual, any ideas if this is a hack or a shipping retail product?

Know you can do it with Echo devices and Alexa. You could probably put a bluetooth speaker outside connected to a Echo dot or the like and get this to work with a motion sensor or using person detection on an Alexa routine.

No idea, and I don’t much care (but obviously just enough to write this :wink: ). There are so many brands on the market.

Anyway, a quick search reveals that Ring and Vivint both do this. :slight_smile:


apparently my search keywords of motion camera audio warning and others were not correct.

The neighbor has a Ring camera. Got rid of all mine years ago.