Arranging multiple cameras in one screen - app and Web View

I am new to the Wyze system and I am trying to figure it all out.

I have about 15 cameras and I would like to see them all in a grid if possible - that is what I had with my old system. It seems like I can only get four cameras in one screen on the App. Even if I group the cameras I can only get for to show up at once with out scrolling.

Is there a way I can monitor all of my cameras with a glance rather than scrolling through pages to find the right camera feed?

I have also tried Web View and that gets me a few more cameras in one screen. However - I am not able to arrange the camera feeds. With other systems I could move the feeds so I could place the similar camera areas next to each other while still seeing all 15 at once.

Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread. - I’m new

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No. Grouping the cameras is the best you can do in the Wyze app. I have my cameras grouped by area around the property. You can scroll down the list of feeds in portrait, or scroll to the left to see the next 4 cams when in landscape.

You can, however, use an app called TinyCam to do this. I use TinyCam Pro and can set my cam tiles to stream in multiple grid formations. However, stream stability suffers greatly the more cam streams you try to maintain at one time.

With Wyze Web View, what you see is what you get. There is no customization available short of the selections available in the navigation area.

I am looking to do the same thing. What I was hoping to accomplish is to setup a small stand alone monitor on a living room shelf so we can see all cams at a glance. For instance we get a know at the door we can look right at the screen and see whats going on (might now have phones readily available).

What would be the best way to go about this? I’m wondering if a tablet might be a best choice since I will need to be able to connect via wifi, unless there are stand alone screens with built in Wifi?

Definately going to be a Tablet. The screen has to have an Operating System to run whatever P2P streaming app you are using to access the cam video. A stand alone screen with WiFi is a tablet.

A computer with a monitor can only do this if it has the program capable of accessing the cam to produce a P2P stream. If it can only be done with an Android App, then the computer would need to run that App from within an Android Emulator program.

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