Arlo vs Wyze

Arlo audio and mic quality is just so much better. Cant understand why ppl arent complaining about this. Check out these 2 videos for your self!

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Probably because sound isn’t that important to a lot of people and because of the huge price difference? Cute kid. :slight_smile:

Which Wyzecam?


I would bet is a doorbell comparison just from mounting points.

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Yes this is wyze door bell vs arlo pro camera… But the static and lack of audio quality is common for all wyze cams and cam pans thst i have… More than happy to make other manual recordings and post them


Nishit S.


Then return your Wyze and spend your :moneybag: on Arlo; $400+, isn’t it?
Post on Arlo site, they’ll be so proud of your purchase. When LE asks for the bad guy’s description, they don’t ask for voice, so I guess I’ll stick with the amazing video quality I get with Wyze.

I had Arlo’s for sometime. My Son had the Arlo doorbell and it was problematic. The sound quality on his was not that good. The cost of the camera’s is not worth it to me. I had some of the same issues as I did with Wyze related to clarity, notifications, and delayed startup of the video’s. I find that the Wyze are just a better solution for the price. For me it responds better than my Arlo did. Everyone’s experiences are different as there are environmental items which could cause issues. I have worked through the issues and have been a beta tester for sometime. I am happy with what I got. As I said, everyone has to do what is right for them, I for one will be sticking with Wyze.