App says "SD Card Unsupported" and "Read-Only SD Card."

When I try to wirelessly access my 64GB connect drive, using the App, I receive a red error message at the top that says “SD Card Unsupported”. It gives me the option to touch a “refresh”-like icon. When I do, it says “Read-Only SD Card.” It will not allow me to change any settings on the drive, nor can I view any of the contents.

If I attempt to connect to the drive with my computer, the web browser simply says that it cannot connect to the page.

When drive is connected to my computer, I can read and write files perfectly fine, it mounts immediately, and storage information shows up in the Disk Management window in Windows. It acts just as normally as a flash drive would.

The wireless network does show up properly, both my computer and phone are able to connect to the wireless network. However, neither are able to read/write/access the drive.

The App also only shows the battery level. It won’t show my phone’s storage space nor will it show the space remaining on the drive.

Edit: It also just started doing something really weird. After being plugged into my computer for ~10 minutes, the light started flashing rapidly and would act as if it were being unplugged and plugged back into the computer for about 15 seconds. Then it stopped. After 10 more seconds, it started doing it again. 15 seconds later, it went back to normal and hasn’t done anything since.