SD card not clicking in even when pressed all the way in

The SD card that came with camera is not able to load into the SD slot. I have tried everything basically even all the way pushed in it refuses to engage.

This is not the only problem with this unit straight out of the box. Evidently via the mobile app it refused to send me a verification code. Fine, sorted. I registered online no problem after I figured out I could do this.

I go back to the app and try to connect to wifi and it responds with a timeout message “Connection failed” “Connection timed out”. Mind, you I was in the office over the router entered the wifi and password in manually.

NADA! So the unit will not connect to wifi, or load the SD card. I realize the SD card maybe a unit issue and needs to be returned. But there is DEFINITELY something up with the app I downloaded.

The app is not functioning properly with my phone with regards to the wifi I am using. Is anyone else having these issues??

Is there a work around? Everything is on pause until I hear back from customer service via email in 3 days. :confused: I just got this unit and was so excited only to be faced with so many problems.

Thank you! :blush:

If the SD card slot is physically not functioning correctly, the camera will need to be exchanged. Support will take care of that for you.

As for connectivity, you should have your phone connected to the same wifi that you want the camera to run on. If you are setting up in an office environment, there’s a good chance that their network restrictions are preventing you from connecting the camera.

In any case, if you click the Support link, top right of this page, you will find a troubleshooting guide that may help.

Thanks for that Loki. Yeah, I think I will have to return it. I operate out of my own office so it is my own dedicated router. I did connect the wifi to my own phone as the wifi location however it is still not being recognized. It keeps timing out.

I think there is a problem with the app as both the verification code and wifi recognition is not working on my phone when it should.

I will do one more step deleting the app and reinstalling. Perhaps the app was corrupted during the upload?

Update: Didn’t need to delete the app I Just turned app off turned it back on then it connected. I am assuming the program was not seeing the new wifi and password.

As for the SD it is difficult BUT I got it to work. Anyone else with this problem grab something plastic or wooden with a dull pointy end. Then press the SD card (now this is important) past the lip of the SD slot for the SD card. I was reading what other people were saying," just pressed hard", NO! That will not work, it will keep bouncing out again.

The SD card needs to be inserted past the plastic lip of the input SD slot. I hope this helps someone.

Thank you very much to the forum Moderator Loki. :blush:

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