[App release announcement] New 2.1 App

I think you may find the answer to your question if you search the #roadmap category. :wink:

Where is the IR light control in the app?


@Steve2005 Go to the camera, click the gear icon on the upper right, then click Advanced Settings to see IR Lights

Thanks Mark

@CaptainMark please restore the availability to install to Chromebooks. from the Play Store. I sideload the app and it works just fine. As it is now, every time there is an update, I need to send the new APK to the Chromebook and manually install. Thank you

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I’m surprised you had any insect issues with the IR LED, because most insects don’t see it.

3V2’s, 1 PAN cam. Only 1 (v2 #1) is readily accessible. Pan cam has 64Gb card.

Tried the upgrade on the 4 cams
V2 -#1, #2 - Lost SD card info, shows 10mb/0mb
V2 - #3 still shows SD card 22.2 GB/29.52 GB
Pan cam shows 8.04GB/59.45GB

#1 turn off/on - no longer shows SD card available
(#1 has Wyze 32GB card)
#1 turn off/on (again) shows 10mb/0mb
#1 restart - shows 10mb/0mb
pull the plug, wait for a solid blue light (ppwbl)-
still shows 10 mb/ 0 mb
pp, pull sd card, wbl - no sd card
pp, reinsert sd card, wbl - 10mb/0mb
restart device - 10mb/0mb
submitting ticket

/edit - just stumbled across the “Basic Troubleshooting” had not tried shutting the app down, did so, no help.
WON’T FORMAT CARD means I couldn’t format the card using the app, And it’s a pain to take the cards out of all the cameras to format them elsewhere.
Where I wrote turn off/turn on and restart that was in software.

They don’t have to see it, they just have to fly in front of it. From another thread.

I’ve just been informed I should remove SD cards BEFORE performing an update.

This ia a deal killer for many people. I don’t plan on having my cams easily accessible.

There should AT LEAST be a warning on the upgrade choice -
Take out your SD cards.
Or the upgrade should check to see if an SD card is present and refuse to upgrade.

Hmmm, I don’t remove the card before a firmware update, but I do like to turn off recording first.

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I would expect that a decent upgrade software would check for processes that would interfere with the upgrade.

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To me, this is very similar to closing all applications on a PC, phone, or tablet before applying updates to the device. As a long time Sys Admin, I have found that is usually best practice to minimize compromising the update process and the integrity of the operating system. I guess that’s my train of thought when updating firmware and/or the OS on any device.

It may have been dust that looked like flying insects

I want to see who’s faster Alexa (3 of em) or Goo Asst. In my Cellie!

Let’s race!


Have some suggestions that would be good to have in the app or know if there is a way to do it and have not identified.

  • There should be a way to be able to control lights or plugs directly from a cámara video. In this moment this is not possible and you will have to go out and in again and wait until the camera authenticates. Would be good to have the availability to do it directly, so in case is needed immediately you can control them seeing the camera. For instance in case of an intruder and you don’t want to take your eyes off the video and turn on a light or turn on a horn through the plug, etc.
  • Would be good to have the availability to reorder the cameras in the group without the need to create it from scratch.
  • Would be good to have OEM switches to control lights or adapters to control lights from the switch. Similar to what sonoff offers (sonoff mini or OEM switches). There are now some lights appliances that doesn’t use normal light plugs so would be good to have a different option to control them.

Ive been thinking on this one for awhile. trying to think of a good way they might be able to implement a button within the live view…everything ive come up with is cumbersome. I’ll keep trying to come up with something.

It would be nice if the same app could be run twice in split screen mode, but I don’t think either OS will allow that.

Hi @afecheverri! If you would like to make suggestions to Wyze, here’s How To Use The Wishlist. :slight_smile:

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