App notifications

I downloaded the apps and set up my cameras how ever I am not getting notifications sent to my phone I have checked everything in my settings and on the app and everything is turned on anyone know why or how to fix the issue?

Did you turn on notifications on all of your cameras and select which ones you want?
Did you go to setting on your iOS device Settings>WYZE app >Notifications > and turn it on?


Yes I did

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Any chance you might have accidentally disabled in the Wyze app on the home page?

It will look like this if off. If it does look like that, tap the bell again, to allow notifications.

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Are you getting any cloud events? Notifications are triggered from cloud events, even if your notifications are set up correctly, if you have no cloud events. Nothing to notify you of.

Maybe post screen shots of all your settings and applicable pages to see if anyone of the team here can see anything a miss.


It’s just a regular bell

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Yes I have cloud events in the app

My Wyze notification setting is similar to Antonius’, except I set my banner style to persistent.

I realized I wasn’t seeing my notifications because they would disappear before I got to see them. Hope this helps.