App Format Change

Has anybody else noticed the format change on the Android App? Instead of being able to select an individual bulb, you are now automatically taken to the “scenes” panel. Also, there appears to be a bug where you can change the icon but cannot change the name of the device. What gives?

Yea, they made that change a bit ago. I also have Android and can change the name of the bulb.

  • Go to the Bulb or Bulb Group
  • ap on the Gear in the top right
  • Select Light Group
  • Select the Bulb you want to deal with
  • Change the Name or Icon there.

Here are some pictures

If you need individual bulbs with no Grouping, let me know


I did all of the above. “Save” button did nothing. Can change the icon but not the name. Even tried taking the lights out of the group & tried individually. No dice. Also, the latest firmware update bricked one of my outdoor cams. Been using Wyze since it’s inception. Never had this many issues. What are you guys doing with that $140 mil?

Save does work on mine. I am using the following:

Android App version: 2.24.51
White Bulbs Firmware Version is:
Color Bulbs Firmware Version is:

I beta test the apps and Firmware. Do your versions match what I have.

Yes they do. All the updates are shown as completed. All except the one bricked outdoor camera. Now I cannot even update that cam as a new device due to it being ahem bricked. :grimacing:

Ok., I double checked via my moto 7 android & it’s showing for the color bulb and for the white. Running on Android 10.

Wonder then if it is a Firmware fix. I am on Android 11, BTW.

I am beta testing the Firmware as well as apps. So they may have fixed somethig in the latest beta firmware for the bulbs

Ok I’ll give the bulbs a few days then try again. Still SIL on the outdoor cam tho …:weary:

Still cannot save a new device name on the current app version. I was told that the developer designed the app to work with Android 11. The most current update available for my phone is Android 10. Is there a way to get the current app to work with Android 10? Thanks.

It’s not operating system version. Your device name is too long. Try shortening the device name until you see the “Save” button change color, then tap Save.

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Thanks, that worked. 10 points for Gryffindor.

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Glad you finally got it changed. :+1: Wyze really needs to make the name field longer. :confused: