Light Bulb Won't Return to App

My cable company came by yesterday and upgraded my modem, router, and cable box. Been a real joy (not) getting the cams back up and running and then there’s the lightbulb. There was no way to change the name and password of the new set up, so it was suggested to ‘delete the device’ and then start from scratch. Great! Got the light blinking three times, then stayed on, but the bulb does not appear on my phone app. The bulb does not appear anywhere! When you can’t see it, you can’t control it. This is ridiculous! Bulb is now useless to me for any use but a plain bulb that must be switched on and off from lamp. I’d ask for a new bulb, but that would be as easy as asking a camel for his hump, so I know that’s not going to happen. Did I try and contact WYZE for help. Sure! I wrote it all out and then was given the options menus for troubleshooting, instead of actual help.

A router that you can’t change the network name & password? That’s weird. Would have been much simpler just to set your router to the old network name & password. Then all your devices throughout your house would have worked untouched. :slight_smile:

You didn’t say whether you tried re-adding the Bulb. Sounded like you just looked for it in your app after getting it to pulse. You will need to re-add it to your app to change the network settings. You do not need to delete it first, though. If you do, you will need to also go into settings and make sure they are set properly. If you don’t delete it first, then the old settings will survive.

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