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I would like to be able to select the sound and the length of time that the sound plays when we get a Notification.

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I was able to set the specific notification from my phone. On android, i went to

Settings > notifications > Wyze > WyzeNormal > and then defined the alert that i wanted. I used a custom sound so i could definethe level and length as well.

I have an Android phone (V6.0.1). When I go to Settings, I do not have “Notifications”. I have “Sounds and notifications”>Application notifications>Wyze>“Allow notifications” and my only choice is On or Off.

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First - loving the Wyze cameras so far!

Who or to what department or forum could I put in a comment or suggestion about software changes to enhance the capabilities of the Wyze ecosystem?





I’m on android 8.

I think in marshmallow (android 6), you can change the app’s default sound by going into the app manager for that app and selecting the notification area. Different vendors might have a different path to get to the app notification area.

I’d love an app for my iPad (and AppleTV) that would allow me to “tile” my cameras, and then touch one to expand (into 1/4, or 1/2, and full-screen).

Audio from all “mixed”, or selectable, or “awakened” by the pre-set sound alert.

Match up the alert clock with the recorded clock times.

When looking at an alerted video, take me to the recorded (on memory card) video at the time of the recording.

Allow me to playback the recorded video at variable speeds.

I have two of the version 2 units monitoring my condo (1,400 miles away); and have two more arriving in two days - outstanding units.

When looking at an alerted video, take me to the recorded (on memory card) video at the time of the recording.
This would be great!

I would also like the app to work when in landscape on the ipad.

Would like:

Ability to work with HomeKit or at least define each camera as belonging to a specific home. Need for multi-home monitoring.

Turn cameras on/off and alerts on/off by home and/or by camera

Ability to use iPad app in Landscape.

Notifications on phone/iPad/Applewatch to be a brief clip that plays upon selecting view. Like a little instant replay.


I have the same issue (and request).

I have the latest version of the Wyze Android app (v1.5.44) and version of the Wize Cam Pan firmware. I am using a “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” phone with “Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)” and there is currently no way to change the Notification (alert) Sound for alerts generated by the Wyze app. The notifications from the Wyze app use the default system notification sound, so the notification sounds just like any other general notification.

Please add a way to change the notification sound in the app, so I can change the notification sound to a more “urgent” sound. This is very important.

Thank you!!

Yes, PLEASE! I would really like to be able to change it to a longer/more urgent sound- something that would def. wake me up in the night when I am getting alerts!!!

There is a #roadmap topic for that. You can VOTE for the topic (top-left of thread) by going here:

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Hi @jfettermann this may work for you:

Thx, I wish it could! Alas, I have iOS, and am stuck with a single ring that is easily missed :frowning:

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