Anyway to get noticed if camera is offline?

once for a while i found one of the cameras has been offline for a few days befored i realized and i hv to power cycle it to get back online.

anyway o recive email notice if it has been offline for awhile?

currently there isnt, but there is a wish list topic for just such a thing.

make sure to vote in the top left of the thread.

offline notification wishlist topic


I have this implemented in my Mikrotik router. Unfortunately for most of you, the typical consumer router is not smart enough to do something like this.
Each camera has a DHCP reservation in the router so it will always have the same IP address. I have a script in the router that pings the IP for each camera. If there is no response, the router sends me an E-Mail. The scheduler runs the script every hour.

Any who is using a Mikrotik router with RouterOS, send me your E-Mail address, and I can send you the script. You will of course have to modify the script for your own settings.