Is there a device offline notification you can enable?] by-in

is there a way to get a notification when a camera goes offline? unless I open the app and see that one of my cameras is offline, I have no way of knowing. I would like a notification to alert me when a camera loses power and goes offline. thank you for your time!

Welcome @jimmygoroar , this feature is being worked on by Wyze. Here is a link to a post about it.

Do you know why it loses power? Many of us have experienced this in the past. We sort of learned two things about power or maybe two things about being offline. (I hope someone that has had the same issue/solution) chimes in and confirms what I am saying, so its not just me.

I can’t explain why this happens to Wyze cams, but my experience it simply does. Here’s the two things that I did that fixed 95%+ of my issues. 1) Don’t use the 5V 1 amp adapter that comes with the camera. Yeah, they work, but I think power is just marginal. I replaced mine with something/anything that was about 2 amp. Easier to simply find a 2-3 port 2.3 amp adapter and use it for just one camera or maybe two if close enough. solved most of my offline problems. 2) The other fix, was put the adapter on a WiFi plug. I picked one that has a schedule feature and I shutdown my power to the power adapter, to the camera, for 5 minutes or so at 4:00 am and then back on at 4:-5 am. This restarts gives me a fresh connection to my WiFi network. And these two things in conjuntion with each other, have almost eliminated all my “offline camera” issues.