Can you create notification when camera is offline?

My Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 goes offline probably once a month without warning. And I will only know it’s offline if I just happen to check the app. The last time I discovered it was offline it had been so for 15 hours. The battery is not low, the internet is working fine, firmware is updated. I usually have to turn the camera off and on and charge it to get it back online, even if it’s already 50-60% charged. Obviously, it would be great if you could just fix these cameras so they don’t go offline all the time, but if they are going to continue to go offline, we really need to know exactly when they are offline. Otherwise, we would never know if something has happened on our property or our family is in danger. This is one of many recurring problems with Wyze and especially now that you have raised the Cam Plus fees by 50%, it’s only fair that you deliver quality products and services for the money we are giving you. Thank you.



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No, (and Yes)

ONLY if you have a good grasp of I.T. and the right equipment. And the knowledge to set it up.

  1. In your router after all your cameras are up with an I.P. Address assigned you will need to Enable “static DHCP leases” and then enter all your Cams IP addresses and MAC Addresses. This is important to always keep the camera on same IP address once assigned.

  2. A device of your choice to ping camera IP’s and then send a SMS text message if a camera does not return a ping for a set desired time ( # of missed pings )

The cellular router I use runs a Linux OS and you can install your own apps for various needs, and since it is a cellular based router it can easily send SMS text.

A Raspberry Pi could be used to accomplish this task with your own code to send an email on loss of pings.

For those interested I’m using an Advantech ICR-3241 - 1ND with a data SIM that has a SMS text plan. Besides outgoing texts the modem can accept commands via inbound texts to modem by authorized users.

EDIT This likely will not work with a battery powered camera, I use on V2, V3 and Pans…
If it does work with a battery based cam you can bet the constant pinging will eat the batteries life

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One of my WyzeCams fell off to the sidewalk (I recognize I did very poor job with the wires, so a tree moving with the wind pulled the usb cable and dropped the camera)…

I didn’t realize until the 4th day…

I would love a notification like “Cam ${camera_name} went offline.”

EDIT: I found the camera dangling from a branch. xD