Notification if cam(s) go offline or disconnected

Recently, my floodlight stopped recording during the day at about 2;51pm. I was not aware the floodlight was frozen or offline or anything and my vehicle was stolen from my driveway. It would be nice to receive a notification if a cam goes offline or is frozen perhaps.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @gregmillercreative! :raising_hand_man:

This feature request has been submitted many times over in the Wishlist. It is one of the most popular requests.

Wyze has implemented an Offline Notification for the HMS and is currently working on implementation with the cams. It has been tested on a limited basis and is still under development.

Please follow the link below to the Wishlist topic that requests this feature, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your post in reply.

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