Anyone want a doorbell?

Edit: We have figured out a solution. Thank you for your help.


@SabrinaC A suggestion that may work for you as an option to your dilemma.

Hardwire required: 16V-24V AC, ≥10VA

Transformer on Amazon just attach it to the doorbell and plug it up.

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Sabrina, I understand that the postal mail, as well as UPS, allows free package forwarding.

Let me know if you have a way to forward the second shipment to my place of residence (Hudson, Florida) at no cost.

Then we could discuss how to send you the $35.00.

By the way, if you can, I would appreciate it if you’d give me an idea of the estimated forward shipping time for your second shipment.

My email: [Mod Edit}

Thank You

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Does neither location have no wiring? I thought battery doorbells still had wiring for charging.